Matthias Friebel has been heavily involved in environmental management, company and personnel development and environmental auditing for more than 15 years. Through this, he has become familiar with all aspects of the complex interrelationships in the environmental field. He is one of the EMS-pioneers in the service sector, due to his early specialisation in environmental matters within local authorities and service sector companies as well as through his environmental research, development and lobbying work. Matthias Friebel has acted as the environmental manager for a service provider during the development of environmental management systems, as business consultant in the establishment of environmental management systems for clients throughout the world, and as the first expert appointed by the DQS (the leading German Registrar for Management Systems) in accordance with ISO 14001 and the EEC-Regulation 1836/93 (EMAS) for the service sector, and as a member of many expert committees.

In 1993 EMP EXCELLENCE MANAGEMENT PARTNERS was founded by Matthias Friebel under its German logo GWÖ Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsökologie, Bad Soden/Ts. and Donaueschingen, Germany. Its aim is to support national and international organisations during the introduction of environmental management systems and after implementation.

Since 1993/1995 Matthias Friebel has co-ordinated efforts in Germany and the rest of Europe for the inclusion of non-commercial organisations in Council Regulation (EEC) No 1836/93. He did this in his capacity as Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Environmental Verifiers, Auditors and Consultants (IdU), Bonn; Chairman of the IdU Expert Committee "Service providers and EMAS" and in particular as a member of the Environmental Expert Committee (UGA) involved in formulating policies on law, regulations and standards relating to environmental management for the German Government.

EMP has, therefore, extensive experience and access to the latest specialist knowledge on all aspects of environmental management in the service sector (the so-called "New Sectors"), as well as the closely related fields of Sustainable Development, the AGENDA 21 Process and the Environmental Performance Evaluation Development Process (EPE) of the ISO 14031.

Matthias Friebel, Managing Director of EMP is married with 2 children. After training in banking (Deutsche Bank AG, Heidelberg) and studying law (University of Heidelberg), he pursued a management career in international hotels. He worked in hotel management in the USA for 2 years and received a scholarship from the Carl Duisberg Society, which enabled him to study hotel management at Cornell University, New York. Subsequent posts included Assistant Executive Manager of the Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel, Bad Kissingen, and between 1985-1991, Chief Non-Food Procurement Manager, Steigenberger Hotels AG, Frankfurt, Germany. In 1986/87, he studied Materials Management and Logistics. In 1988, he initiated the development of environmental protection systems within Steigenberger Hotels, acting as the environmental spokesman for the company. Since 1992, he has been an independent consultant for the introduction of environmental management systems. In 1994 he was elected to the board of the "Institute for Environmental Verifiers and Consultants in Germany" (IdU) and since 1995 he has been a member of the "German Environmental Verification Committee" (UGA), which is the Advisory Committee for the Federal German Environmental Ministry on environmental auditing matters. He then became Leader of the IdU Expert Committee "Service sector companies and EMAS". Since 1996 he has been the co-ordinator of the Frankfurt Banking Working Group for Environmental Management Systems (FBU) and a lecturer on training courses for senior banking staff at the Academy of German Banking Co-operatives, at Montabaur Castle.

In September 1996, DQS - one of Germany’s most respected Registrar for Management Systems - appointed Matthias Friebel as its first ever auditor for the certification of environmental management systems in the service sector in accordance with ISO 14001. In this role, he was authorised to assess service sector organisations and their subsidiaries throughout the world against the new DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental standard. In many subsections within the overall service sector he undertook the first ever company assessments against ISO 14001 as well as EEC-Regulation 1836/93 (e.g. mail order: the Otto mail order company, Hamburg; hotels: Federal Guest House, Steigenberger Hotel Petersberg, Konigswinter; haulage: DTC, Nuremberg; chemicals wholesaling - Interorgana, Cologne). In 1997, he was appointed as DQS Auditor for the certification of quality management systems in the service industry in accordance with ISO 9000 ff., and in April 1998 he qualified with the German Accreditation Body DAU GmbH, Bonn, as an assessor of service sector companies in accordance with the EEC-Regulation 1836/93. As a lead EMS-auditor for ISO 14'001 Matthias Friebel has vast and profound experience since years with 14'001 as well as with EMAS.

In November 1998 Matthias Friebel was elected Vice Chairman of the Board of the German "Institute for Environmental Verifiers and Consultants in Germany" (IdU), Bonn and in September 2000 he has been elected as President of the new German "Association of Environmental Professionals" VNU e.V.. VNU is the succeeding organization of the German Associations UBV and IdU.

Since 2000 Matthias Friebel is also nonevoting member of the european “Forum of Accreditation Bodies” FAB and “European Accreditation Council” EAC.