EMP CONSULTANTS FOR INTEGRATED SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT was established in 1993 as an independent consulting organisation by Matthias Friebel under its German logo GWÖ Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsökologie. Since then, EMP has continuously developed its scope of activities and ranks among the leading international consultancies in the field of business excellence, sustainable development management and prevention consulting

Our aim is to support local and international organisations with the implementation of appropriate management systems during their introduction, and afterwards, during the operational phase. Our clients are guided by a forward-looking entrepreneurial spirit and EMP specializes in helping them to achieve their goals. Our activities cover all areas related to the above mentioned fields, and our strategies and procedures are tailored according to each customer's individual needs

EMP has extensive experience and access to the latest specialist knowledge on all aspects of quality and environmental management, especially in the service sector (the so-called "New Sectors"). EMP is also very active in the closely related fields of Sustainable Development, the AGENDA 21 Process, the Environmental Performance Evaluation Development Process (EPE) of ISO 14031, plus various business and quality excellence systems, social auditing and safety systems.

EMP merges the principle of sustainable development with realistic business solutions, leading to innovative European and international projects and programmes for cities, commercial locations, and other types of organisation.